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Friday, September 20, 2013

Staccato Thoughts

those two little words , uttered by FB friend S. from Oklahoma, just stick in my mind.
So here I am.....wide awake!
Those pesky *staccato thoughts* just wouldn't disappear..
All night long they pounded away in my brain! Maybe it's a new dance craze *the staccato*.? How would that look?
Did they really do that?
Or is it a Staccato more:

Like Horowitz?
Ratatat: Or like that
 Rataplan: maybe like that:
or even like that:
But never like that:
NOW, I wish I could type *staccato*!  
Having *staccato thoughts* alone is no good.
I cannot make my fingers to *the staccato* on the keyboard...lol!
Where is Stephen Hopkins with his magic fingers...
now I know HE could do *the staccato*

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