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Sunday, January 20, 2013

To stay or not to stay...

that is NO longer the question, methinks, when it comes to the future at the TC of the Houston Aeros. Aeros there may be, just not Houston Aeros.

Now to the, at this time still Houston Aeros, they have lost again. To the Wolves last night!
They have players who seem to be indifferent, bored (?) or  worse, incompetent (?) to achieve anything on ice.
From another loss to The Chicago Wolves-this one here in Houston 2011.

The persistent rumors that have been making the rounds for months now, are grounded in reality.  The TC and Les will not renew the Aeros/Wild lease after this season, because he cannot use the TC for more profitable rock concerts, or so the rumors fly! 

Now, I might have a solution to the Les dilemma: Maybe he ought to bring in Justin Bieber to play with the Aeros.. that ought to fill the TC to the rafters and even have an overflow outside which could ONLY be satisfied by big screens set up. He could surely also charge a pretty penny for those standing room only tickets en plein aire ;-)!

For more on the situation (not the Bieber idea) read The Chronicle on line, or the T3I post recently.

Begs the question:
Do the players already know their future will NOT be in Houston?
And has that an impact on their playing?
It ought not.

Because, while the Aeros may be gone, the game of hockey will continue.
As is shown by the fans' reaction to the  resumption of NHL games.
Which does surprise me a bit after  reading all those fed-up fans' comments during the lock out!
Well, maybe not too much.
After all - or so it seems to me -  sports are really more dominant in people's lives than the arts.
Which are being relegated to the back burners almost everywhere.

As is so much else.
This 'old' me does feel the loss of a broader experience by the youth of today is lamentable.
It limits them so!

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