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Friday, January 4, 2013

A dismal First, Better Second, Average Third and Aeros still lost to Stars 2-1

Yes, the boring to bad First period - seemingly an Aeros speciality - has returned at this game tonight. Letting the Stars start out with 13 sogs, while OURs only managed a measly 5!!!!

Hackett on the Prowl
It was almost entirely due to Hackett (earning him 3rd *) stopping all but 2 sog's which the Stars threw at him, IMO, the team would have lost even more, because ..  just asking:
Where, really, was the defense, or better yet where was the offense?
Where was the power play by the Aeros who are listed up to this game as 5th in the division?
Genoway Goal
They did have 6 opportunities, but only Genoway with Zucker and Granlund scored in the Second ... and it was THE lonely goal tonight!

The power of  black pads threatening:-)!
Aeros DID skate up to better snuff (not perfect, but better) in the  2nd with 9 and even better - 12 during the 3rd - albeit to NO avail.
Nilstorp stopped all but the Genoway one and was named Nr. 1 *, Benn the number 2*.  Patrik Nemeth of the Stars-usually a more 'mild' player, caught the ref's eye with high-sticking... twice!

The victorious Three plus Vincour-Goal 2 Stars!
On the other hand ONLY 2 penalties were called on Aeros (Granlund for holding) and the second for Interference on McMillan; and yet the Stars (14th in pp!!) scored one PP by the Victorious Three: Alex Chiasson, Eakin, Smith, while Jordie Benn and Glennie put the Stars on the board in the First Period!

Several players kinda stuck out, in my eyes at least, tonight:
A Stars player skate keeps Larsson's stick away from the puck
Coyle, Phillips battle for the puck with Fortunus, Baldwin
for speed and super effort: Phillips and Palmieri;
for rather good passing and some good plays: Granlund, and - surprise - Couture!

Larsson gives his all -Phillips and others look for ?

Couture and Cuma in defense of the Net :-)!

for trying hard: Larsson, Zucker and  Petersen.
Hackett in fine fettle

Sceviour surrounded!

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