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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Global what?

Good Bye Icebergs
"Big Thaw" In Alaska.

"Big 'Freeze" in California.

"Big Floods"

"Big Quakes" 

"Big Volcano Eruptions Due"
Extract from predictions published on June 11th 2008…… “There will be steady (at first) rise in Global weather phenomena such as heat- waves, hurricanes, gales, storms, heavy-snow fall (especially around 2013) torrential rain and floods up to 2012/2013 and possibly beyond.”
Even "Winter" in January - really in January (lol) - in Europe!
Unexpected (duh, really?) Snowfall in the City (Wien)

The media is having a heyday hyping up 'events by Mother Nature'.
Maybe because 'events by people' have become such blahblah news!
So after the financial cliff, we are facing the debt abyss!

So what else is new and scary?

I dread to open the the newspapers.
I dread to turn on TV for its lagging (often) soundbites!
Even NBR is repeating what one can read that morning in WSJ -
that is IF one CAN read!

The dawn of a new age! 
Or the dusk of an old one?

You decide!


ICEVET said...

The DUSK of an old one.....few reasoned minds would doubt that Western civilization is in Decline.....from the acts (or lack of action) of man, and not from the acts of nature.

Nevertheless, mother nature (via a major Volcanic Eruption...one of 4 major sites in Iceland, for example) could accelerate our self-inflicted Decline.....the ultimate BLACK SWAN event!

artandhockey said...

yes, that IS certainly possible. A Cataclysmic event!

Erika Rummel said...

So Western civilization is in decline. AND we are subjected to ice and snow. Lament to the powers that be: The double whammy is unfair. Can we degenerate in nicer weather?

artandhockey said...

the climate does not give a fig,
when or how we degenerate ;-)!