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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Monsters behave like it and beat Aeros 3-2

A sad state of affairs on the ice at the tonight!
And in front of respectable crowd of  over 9,000...
That was a rebound and no gaol!

Larsson tries again

Kuemper saves

That bundle is Aittokallio ;-)! and he did MAKE THE SAVE!

Where is Tony Hrcak when you need a steadying seasoned Veteran to inspire the youngsters?
Mara certainly did not seem quite THE thing.
Of course, it was only his second appearance so maybe I need to cut him some slack.

The other newcomer, Reed (#15), seemed to be in the spot more often than not and did push a puck away from the net. Kuemper did stop 29 sogs of 32, but Aittokallio faced 28 and stopped 26.

Somehow, the guys seemed disoriented, albeit skating furiously and passing passably-at times.
Too many times the action took place in the Aeros zone! So better get the puck out of there, guys!

Yes, Zucker and Larsson nicely made the two goals on a PP out of 6.

I must say Larsson has grit!
He was escorted to the bench seemingly injured, but soon was back on the ice and SCORED the 2nd goal.

What more can one write about this game without sounding repetitive.
A replay from last evening when Hackett ate the loss. Now it was Kuemper who choked.

Is it catching?
Kendo between Fredheim and  G Walker?
Geoff Walker pats Fredheim on helmet! :-) after the Kendo move!

Kuemper saves this one ..

After the Zucker Goal.. Pock of Austria looks on while Aittokallio can't believe it!

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