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Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Doyenne of delightful fiction - Georgette Heyer

Elated that one of my favorite authors is getting for her contribution to literature which is well written, amusing, well researched and very entertaining, as this shows.

Her novels have given  me many hours of joy.
The historical novels more so than her crime fiction.
And even her factual writing was enlightening.

It always pleased me that here is a writer who can entertain and hold her readers' attention without resorting to 'blood and guts' and 'raunchy sex scenes'.
The wit of her writings is finely crafted, well posed and - ultimately - truly and wisely funny without the need for slapstick. 
And I have read almost all !

And have re-read those which have been re-issued lately.
For awhile they were not readily available at the Public Libraries, but thankfully, they have resurfaced. Perhaps, following the huge success of Downton Abbey!

Royal Pavilion in Brighton
So you just might want to delve into Georgette Heyer's novels of the Regency aristocracy in Ye Old England !
Have at it!
Here is more about her!

Well, of course if you were weaned on the  almost illiterate - however sellable- romances of Barbara Cartland,  Georgette Heyer may be tooo literate for you :-)!

One has to have a goodly sense of humor to truly appreciate her finer lines of dialogue and so much more!
And no, this is not the snob in me talking.
I really enjoy well written, with a soupcon  or even a large dollop of humor, pieces!
Of all eras!

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Elisheba said...

Love Georgette Heyer!