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Monday, January 7, 2013

Rampage celebrate Epiphany with 5-2 win over Peoria

Yes, sirree.
Brendon Nash  (Nr. 42) is totally oblivious to T-Bone's animating the crowd, which was respectable but not overwhelming
No, he IS not related to Enrico Caruso lol!

Despite a so-so first period when both teams seem to test their skates on the ice at the-for once - not quite as freezing ATT center in San Antonio, the next two periods went better with the third rather' caliente'. :-)
 About 5,000 fans attended and seemed a bit subdued at first but with the help of T-Bone....

 Allen in goal for Peoria seemed to have problems with his 'garters' ;-) lol. Maybe that's why he let in 4 goal all together - the 5. goal was an empty netter-so he can't be blamed for that as well ;-).
 Jake Allen checking "garters" ;-)!

The kid's excitement matches that of his parents, :-)! when a fight broke out between  big guy Peluso (Nr.23 at 6'4 and 236 pds) and Rampage Selleck (Nr. 15) a mere  6'2 and 200 pds.. as I recall Selleck acquitted himself rather well ;-)!
And that was not the only fight rampageing Selleck got into that afternoon.

Anyway, Rampage first scorer was Quinton Howden, 2nd Justin Vaive (on PP), 3. Scott Timmins, and Jon Rheault  was culpable for numbers 4 and 5. 
Jacob Markstrom. at 6ft 6 and only 195 pds a real string bean, made some spectacular saves, as Peoria tried hard to get more goals into his net, after McRae scored within seconds of the Howden goal (I blinked and the deed was done!), and Nesbitt copied him with his goal (the 2. and last for Peoria) soon after Vaive scored for Rampage. Rheault scored twice and had 1 assist. Howden scored once but had two assists as well.
Rheault Nr. 1 *
 Phew.. that WAS close. spectacular save by Markstrom and not his only one during this game-puck circled in blue
Howden Goal.. yes, Allen it did go over the line
What was a bit - shall I say - annoying, were the frequent 'promotional times' out, which struck me as rather a lot.
But ... who can complain when it rains cows in parachutes and all fans walked away with a coupon for free a chicken sandwich by one of them.. Chik filet, naturally. After 4 or more goals by the Rampage Chick Filet is generous with a free sandwich with purchase of fries! Long live fried food!

A total of 9 penalties was called, twice  they were for fighting (bad boy Selleck) concurrently with other
misdeeds , but only Vaive turned a PP into a goal for Rampage.

A pleasant surprise, well, we DID know that Casey Wellman was a trade to the Panthers and would possibly skate in SA, but with the NHL lock out his appearance was a given... so here he is in a Rampage sweater: and again  as number 17!
Anyway, it was worth the trip to SA to watch  AND get 2 coupons.. which will surely be used the next time in San Antonio ..TeeHee.

Whilst this was going on in San Antonio, the home team, the Houston Aeros, battled the Texas Stars in Austin but lost in OT  3-4...On that game do, chers readers,  visit The Third Intermission for their lucid comments.

One thing: since it sure looks 100% that NHL will resume playing the rest of the season, many of the young talent skating for all AHL teams will be absent. What that may mean for Aeros, Rampage, Stars, etc .. I cannot predict except.. it will by interesting, perhaps a bit boring, but mostly interesting. As long as one keeps one's expectations in check!

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ICEVET said...

A very colorful POST on the recent Rampage win.

ATT Center has always been a great place to watch Hockey. The Rampage Mascot (T-Bone) is "perpetual motion" and one of the best-performing AHL mascots.

Their Chick-a-fil sponsored "cow-drop" is certainly a fan-favorite, along with the free meal-vouchers awarded to all fans when the Team scores at least 4 goals.