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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Food for Thought

Number One on  my mind:
To sit or not to sit?
So now scientists have determined - in loose way - that sitting more than 3 hours cuts one's life short by 2 years.
So what. We'll die, sooner or later, but die we must.
No really, do we care to live to be a 100 plus just because we do not sit for more than 3 hours a day?
Are we going back to the times, when clerks in offices worked standing up on a high desk (like a bar table?).
 I really do not recall reading of such, that these clerks lived that much longer than their nonstanding fellows, even though they stood up all 8 or more hours of their work days. Most people then lived to be to about 40 or 50. Methuselahs of 70, 80 or, yikes, ever 90 were the exception. Ah all's well when scientists agree to spend time and money on such projects to show us, mere peons, how to live our lives!

Number Two:
Other scientists spent much time and effort to show that a soprano lives 5 years longer, than her sisters in the mezzo and alto range. The scientists assumed that estrogen is the protector here. BUUUT, my dears, mezzos and altos and contraltos - do they not, too, have estrogen? A' course if they all had hysterectomies that THAT would be the difference! But what about orally taken estrogen? We'll just have to wait for the revelations on this by other scientists. no?? :-)

What about tenors, baritones and basses. Well may you ask. There are no differences in their life spans. At least in this study by those busy scientists. I guess testosterone protects all the guys.

Number Three:
What 's a Hiriko?  A Basque folding car      car.

But lest, you chers readers forget. Several small cars with huge mileage were around even in the fifties, they were just not quite as tiny nor electric.
 the Peel's P50  Peel Transport Museum, the smallest car on record. 
A small Studebaker 2-seater (1950's)  got 40 miles per gallons.
Later the Steyr-Puch 500, the Austins, the Mini Coopers, and most recently the Smart cars for 2.
But the small car that conquered the world is for ever and ever this:

Now to more recent news. Do you believe in evil?
If not, just think:  Cho,  Breivik, and now Holmes.
How else to explain their actions?
Sure there will be legions of psychiatrists, psychologist, apologists who will, no doubt, blame the parents, the environment, the .... you name it.
The blamers will come out of the woodwork, if blaming everyone and everything else, IS the real answer.
What do you think. Does it really exists?


Marina said...

Yes after the beginning in the
Garden it started The Devil is real.
Evil is present.

ICEVET said...

A recent book (The Emotional Life of Your Brain by Richard J. Davidson-2012)) is a summation of nearly 20 years of experiments dealing with the 6 Major Types of human emotion and the brain "triggers" which cause basic human actions. His focus is the brain, not the human genome.

Worth reading.

artandhockey said...

Thanks for hint, Icevet!

Anonymous said...

I'm all for small cars, but do they have to be so ugly?

artandhockey said...

Ugly is as ugly does.. who cares.. a car is a utensil afterall, at least for me.