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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Musings on a Birthday

Yes, my friends, I still enjoy celebrating birthdays.
Because, I enjoy being alive and kicking, however feebly that may be some days.
Because I have a Better Half who is forgiving of my, at times, rather skurrilous doings and saying :-)!

Because I know many young and older talented people who keep me posted on their doings via facebook, email and phone calls.

Because I still have eyes to read with, ears to hear with.
Because my brain seems to function still (senior moments excepted of course).

Because life still has so much on offer.
Because I can still travel. See Opera and Hockey.

Because I have friends to share with.
Because and because and because.

Because I can blow out -zig candles on a yearly bigger and bigger cake
(has to be to hold them all) -
 and darn don't anyone dare to put just ONE on it - lol).

Because there is La Veuve

To Life.
A mon Sante :-)!

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