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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Where have all the blogs gone...???

Just lately I have been looking for several blogs that I enjoyed reading in the last year
and found.... nothing!

So, I guess, those were the fly-by-night blogs that crop up and vanish within a short time.
Not so much different from restaurants.
Just as soon as I find one that I like eating at, poof it's gone.
Perhaps, replaced by another or by a fast food one or just a "For rent" sign.
Of course I do not eat out on a daily basis, so maybe that one was around for a year or so, and then went up in smoke - not literally I hope.
Although that has happened occasionally.
Guess it's better to loose it to smoke than loose one's shirt operating one :-)!

So why do blogs come and go?
That IS a question I have asked myself. 
And the answers I came up with are (MAYBE):

too boring
too time consuming
one has writers block
one is too obsessed with other things

Or that readers no longer visit?
Or that comments become too personal. One does hate to be told truths, that may hurt.
Of course readers may misunderstand.
Especially in these times when - methinks - enjoying sarcasm, tongue-in-cheek, or punning have become lost in the web of immediate breaking news, true or hyped!

Ah well, one does one's best to amuse one's chers readers and yet.

So, I do thank all of you who make an effort to visit this blog ...
especially YOU who comment.
And have a Happy Day!


ICEVET said...

I, for one, have read most of your Blogs and appreciate not only the sublime humor but also the intellectual honesty which you provide, whatever the subject (hockey, art, bullfighting, cultural aphorisms, political satire, etc.) might be.

There are many, like I, who do not comment on a regular basis.....but find a few minutes of unfettered daily enjoyment reading your Blogs.

Please keep the Blogs streaming!

Anonymous said...

Why do bloggers stop blogging? For all the reasons you've listed, except "comments becoming too personal". What comments! I wish I could engage my readers in dialogue -- that's the hardest part, I think.
In any case, congrats to you for keeping it up. More than a thousand blogposts -- that's impressive!

artandhockey said...

Thank you both for reading AND commenting. When I wrote of 'comments too personal' I was refering to some comments made on another blog which castigated the blogger for being to supercilious about a family member,. But then IMO it was asking for that when one blogs freely about the foibles of someone else. I do try to avoid that.
Mine are strictly mine own: foibles and being supercilious LOL. Feel free to laugh WITh me about it all.