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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Medals...how many have you got?


With the hoopla about the Medalists at Olympic Games,
I went and counted mine.
No really.
They should hand out medals for those of us Seniors,
when living with aches is an achievement already!

When certain events keep me on the run to 2:30 AM,
slowing down by 3:00 AM,
 to crawl into goal (bed) finally by 3:30 AM.
Then waking up whimpering, or even howling, with cramps at 6:00 AM .
Then staying the course, persistence IS everything, chers, for another round. 
Achieving that ought to count for Gold medals.
Silver: all of the above, except the whimpering or howling.
Bronze: just getting out of bed (slowly of course- no more jump up and go) when every thing hurts.

So, lately (must be due to the thunderstorms cropping up daily) I surely have raked in a few Gold,
several Silver and, almost too many to count here, Bronze Ones.

On the other hand, having daily aches is rather like having company.
One is never alone.
Well, maybe, the company is not the most pleasant, but certainly quite nerve raking :-)!

And with that I leave you chers readers to enjoy another day with
thunderstorms over our, gasp, humid South EastTexas.

Whether in Weather or Politics... thunderstorms are very right now :-)!

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