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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

No chers readers...

I have not died and gone upstairs.
Which may be a bit hard .. right hip and left knee would protest rather loudly, at that.
But all's, weeelll, well! Shots work - most of the time.

Anyway, brain (what counts) is still going strong.
Busssssssy buzzing around all kinds of subjects.
Most  are IMO, too hot too handle publicly.
With that said, I want to assure y'all, that as I follow politics and other tragedies around the world, I do so empathize within.
While keeping mum on the outside.

Also, I do tend to keep my thoughts on religion, working class, green themes, bias, and what makes all out there, tick,  to myself.
Really, is it necessary to air all those insightful thoughts (for whom insightful I ask?) for all to see, if not to boast?

Reading between the lines - may it be press blogs, tweets or ???? I get the feeling that all's well with the world of  "a" ONE after all.
And that IS important to the world at large, or is it?

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