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Friday, January 21, 2011

Cleansing, decline, fall

Non PC Words are not allowed !
That 'cleansing' of any, oh so potentially dangerous, language, or as it is perceived to be by some, has been carried too far, in my humble opinion.

I refer to the 'cleansing' of Mark Twain's and other authors' works and plays by busy bees PC censors, recently written about in the news.
If you haven't heard, go google it for yourself!

Henceforth I, chers readers, will use a special font(Helvetica) and color (burnt :-) orange) !
Which IMHO is irony in itself, the adjective 'burnt'.
To alert readers lacking in a sense of the scurrilous!

That all that follows is to be read as tongue-in-cheek, satire or irony!
Or as we say in German Mit Galgenhumor.

And so I sincerly hope, this will prevent any confusions. 
And will save ME the use of smilies, weepies and winkies !
And it shall apply to all photo captions!
Funny ; Such as this:
Minard resting ? - no laurels in sight.

Not funny
 Nr. 1  Interviewed
Should I forget, I rely on my chers readers to remind me.
And that IS a ;-)!


operalover said...

I really dislike the increasing censoring of things. You are right to make any funny comments in a different printed color.
It will make it easier to catch the meaning. Printed words lack the back up of a twinkle seen in the eye, ot giggle heard in the voice when people speak to one another.

artandhockey said...

Yes, indeed, operalover!
Sadly we find ourselves using more and more texting, blogging (I am as guilty of that as the next person) and other written communication, and less the WORD SPOKEN, where the tone, the shading, the accent can speak volums (;D) especially when accompanied by facial expressions!