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Sunday, December 9, 2012

From Sunny Florida and an icy cold Germain arena

A bit delayed because.. for whatever reason, this did not post the day I wrote it on a hotel computer!
sorry to say,
but the EverbladesFlorida E... lost  to the Greenville Roadwarriors  5-4 in a SO
Who skated with fervor and passed with accuracy, most of the time.
Somehow, seated almost at the glass as we were, the game appeared to be much faster than from above, the rink much smaller and the guys much cuter (some of them):-)!

So that was that.

John Muse in goal for the Blades seemed a bit 'uninspired' maybe the hockey muse was on vacation in Key West, because she surely wasn't here in Estero.
On the other hand, we did run into a fellow blogger Lady Bing's  Love Child and chatted for a bit.
And tonight there will be a rematch and we shall be there as well.

At the second game vs Roadwarriors, Blades with Pat Nagle in goal, did better with 3-4 victory. Nagle played a  Barry Brust style goal tending :D!

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