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Friday, December 28, 2012

This WAS a wild game tonight. Aeros prevailed 3 vs. Checkers 2

 Nr 3 * Kuemper

Nr 2 * Granlund

.Nr. 1 * Larssen
Justin Peters Nr. 35
Darcy Kuemper Nr. 35
After the soso game two nights ago, this was a wild fast paced,  exciting game between two worthy opponents.  A funny little tidbit: Aeros Nr. 35 battled Checkers Nr. 35 (net minders) :-D.
Garnering for Kuemper in goal (finally - his fans were so pleased) the Nr. 3 * nomination as he stopped 30 of the 32 sogs with which the Checkers  peppered him, even increasing the number in periods 2 and 3.
Considering that the Aeros Only shot 21 sogs on Justin Peters, making this a win in OT was - almost - a miracle. Tonight's Aeros defense was present and accounted for IMO.
Overall I really liked the quality of the game played by both teams. Fast, furious and  (almost) no holds barred, even though IMO the Checkers managed to slide past a goaltender interference call or two, despite TWO referees, who called 6 penalties, one resulted in the PP goal by Granlund.  Jordan and Medvec had at it to the pleasure of excited yelling and screaming fans, and sat in the box for roughing.
Zac Dalpe (19 ) tries but  defense and Kuemper hold him off
Tripping up a Checkerman ;-)
I am totally in awe over the speed, ice sense and well aimed passing that Granlund seems to toss off effortlessly.
On the other hand I felt Cuma lacked some umph tonight, despite doing yeoman's work checking Checkers (lol) opponents often, his slow and often short distance passing almost caused another goal by checkers! Yikes!
 Attacking the Aeros net


Caught between Cuma  and Kuemper

And what a surprise to see Petersen (11),  latterly with the  Solar Bears, get his AHL goal in the first period with the help of McIntyre (26).

Larsson whoops it up after his game winner goal
And the game winner by Larsson (with Bagnall) about halfway through Overtime went over rather well to the 7 000 plus fans  

Celebration...well earned guys.!

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Anonymous said...

It was most definitely an entertaining and exciting game. I don't like trailing so often in SOG though. I love watching Kuemper...he seems to always be aware of where the puck is and he's fast moving up, down and sideways. Thanks for the great photos!