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Friday, December 21, 2012


Yes, indeed.
I am just so fed up already with the to-ing and fro-ing of the NHL lock out scenario.
Just call it quits.
And Stop all games for the - already - lost season.
Not THIS dragging out the news...to cancel or not to cancel - week by week.
Adding insult to injury!
Somehow I really don't care anymore, who plays where overseas, if at all.

The greedy crybabies on both sides need to shut up.
AND refund the money to the fed-up fans who surely could put it to better use this holiday season for their own families.
Or if wealthy enough not to need it, they could SURELY use it for charity in these days of woe!

We had made plans, and paid in advance, to see a couple NHL team games while in balmy Florida. Then they cancelled though a certain date, then they cancelled through a new date, and so on.
Now they have cancelled through end of January!

Now we get requests to exchange those meant-for -hockey tickets for BOXING event tickets!!!!
Yeah, sure we'll drop everything and fly over there to see a boxing match and what else?
Just so those 'poor' people over there need not refund OUR money which they had access to for 6 MONTHS! 
 I  THINK NOT- NO WAY, Jose ;-)

I do not have much of Christmas spirit right now when it comes to those poor, oh, to be so pitied' NHL players and owners, not to forget the union!

No Sirree, bah humbug moments are more apropos.

Oughtn't we fans  collect Christmas $ for those poor players and owners that are suffering deprivations? (:-D ...  a sarcastic remark, in case someone does not get it!) I think not!
 If you believe in a solution soon, I guess you do believe in Santa Claus and his reindeer, too :-)!

Meanwhile from the KHL in the spirit of Christmas :-)

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