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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chers Readers

An open letter to chers readers.

Have you commented on any blog lately?
Mine or anyone else's? If not ... why?
Are you that busy?

Too busy following the disastrous news in our world,
including all political clap trap!
Maybe you are simply too busy flipping screens on your droids or ipads?

Or has school/college already got you down?
Although, chers Chicago readers, the teachers' strike gave you extra weeks (maybe) off to - ahem - improve your quality of life!

Perhaps it is the NHL lock out that has hockey fans boiling, because, of course, all those employees in the arena, and around the rinks, and on TV plus Tee shirt printers, jersey embroiderers, stick carvers, and puck molders, and mask painters, now have to go on the dole, just to make ends meet. Naturally owners, players and others (such as lawyers and union reps) need not fear that they, too, will have to visit soup kitchens.
And the puck, oops, buck , stops there, we hope. Or Harry S. Truman WILL turn over in his grave.. again!

Then there are such divertissiments as naked duchesses;
and reports on foibles of other celebrities..
But you know that already, since you've been avidly flipping screens of your i-phones to keep abreast of all, duchess's included!

You did NOT miss reading about the STARBUCKS Diet? Did You?.. well, here is the link http://shine.yahoo.com/healthy-living/starbucks-diet-one-woman-dropped-80-pounds-coffee-211600454.html.
Although if you ask me she looks a bit 'hungry' in the 'after pic ;-)!

Have you, as you ought to, been studying information - pro and con http://www.politico.com/2012-election/
- available everywhere, on the candidates for the elite life in Washington, DC?
No, really, it is of paramount importance that you do so NOW, so you'll not miss to check the right squares, after all we won't want a repeat of  re-counting!

But perhaps, you are applying for a new loan just to buy the latest Apple appliance?
Or maybe you absolutely have to have those iconic sneakers?
By Gucci
Or of course, those lame old steel kitchen appliances must go!

And yes, replacing those dingy old shower curtains with an upscale=expensive product for which you will have to increase your debt load, is a real necessity.

And I could go on and on!

I shall not be surprised by any excuse you can serve up for not reading!

Go on,  sit back, turn off your i-phone, close the kitchen door, stop the bad and sad news,  read blogs and,  have at it - comment how you feel.
Want to be placed on a pedestal ?
Go ahead comment and bloggers will do that in a minute!
As would I...  Just saying!

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