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Monday, December 9, 2013

Dallying at the Dali.

Yes, there is a new Dali Museum in St. Pete's.
It is built to withstand force 5 hurricanes, we've been told.
Sadly, no photos allowed in exhibition halls.

One enters via the gift shop - being tempted to buy!
Just not, perhaps, the Daliesque car?
To then pay a hefty admission fee, even for seniors, and with a $2 off coupon.
Was it worth it?

The closest to the iconic melting watches a bench in the 'garden:

I was rather excited to return to see the "Dalis",
remembering well the just stunning exhibits at the 'old' museum.
And by the big selection of art cards and magnets, there.  ;-).

I am happy I bought most then, because this time I found only 3 cards and 1 magnet I did not already have!
BUT if one wants posters, tee shirts, scarves, ties, mugs..... one will find lots there, now!

The park like grounds also boast a rock from Cadaques donated to the museum, and a sculpture of a dolphin, brightly colored.

Before DALI,
The joy of seeing the White Pelicans and other birds on Sanibel island.. and a grey???
plus alas just a few others.
Missed (our luck) the Roseate Spoonbill, seen by earlier 'birds=visitors' in the day!

'Grooming Parlor'  ;-)
Anhinga-a bit startled
 One Pool with water falls
Home away form home...at sunset-right. Delighted no crowds there, at this time.
And lagoon - left
at early morning on way to eagles' nest whose inhabitants seem to have been out to lunch ;-)
Out to lunch? Or For rent?

Unknown flowering tree
bridge from Tampa to the South
 Sanibel Island- with lighthouse and pelicans 
 Lighthouse in x-mas mode

And so:
Good Bye till next year to Tamiami Trail at night:

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