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Sunday, December 8, 2013

The game we missed 12/7/13

On Saturday the Blades faced the Eagles again, but this time they won.
4 vs 2, both goalies back in net.
Goaling for the Blades: Roy, Boris, Pistilli, Carzo.
For Eagles: Ostrow (2 goals).

Mathieu Roy-Captain
As promised, some photos from Friday's game:
Cann's eyes follow Nr, 45 speeding by

Cann Caught that one

Bruess wins this fight

Cheverie eyes ???


Some fan covers his eyes during the Friday game.....
and a canine fan in a Swampee costume nuzzles his/her owner, when the goal is scored ;-). on Friday

And then there is Joe (not Vladimir) Stejskal, LOL.

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