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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Still alive...

Chers readers,
Yes, artandhockey is till alive and kicking, albeit a bit slower!
The 2 months trip to Europe with Better Half was a success, rain, wind and chilly  temperatures notwithstanding.
Remnant of WW2 defenses along Mediterranean coast in Spain

We had some sunny days in  Malaga,
Roamn Ruins, Cartagena

Street in Cartagena, Spain
Florence,  La Scala and "Oberto" Opera by a young  Verdi;

La Scala
Oberto Stage set

Royalty sat here :-)

Bridges of Florence
Pizza delivery fleet in Italy :-)

Piazza and Tower in Siena

And on the way through Brenner pass through Tirol to Salzburg
Bridge in the Tyrolean/Italian Alps
Castle near Kufstein

Old Pharmacy Building in Bratislava
Welcome to Bratislava!
old and new
was gearing up for an economic congress the day after our visit

Driving through ecologically aware Austria...
a landscape full of windmills!

And in Budapest

a Jewish Congress took place, hotels and streets were blocked by a multitude of policemen.
BH and I dashed for shelter at a five * hotel were we found, to our great surprise that despite  reassurances of guide and driver, one MUST pay with Forinth. No Euros or other denominations were accepted. Visa and Mastercard were, however!
 Danube divides Buda from Pest

Bridge over the Danube in Budapest

Hawking is alive and well in Hungary

Planted Bridges over Highway in Austria!
Austria and Prague, Berlin and Hamburg.
But that's another post!

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