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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Oservations on temperatures

Just read the weather in the WSJ .....

Seems to me Texas is NOT the only place hot. How about Pierre, SD, where was broiling at 100 yesterday 100 and 99 this AM? Of, course,  knock on head- this IS where rocks are carved (by man's hands and by Mother Nature).
We more naturally think blizzards and winter storms

and BIG floods on the Missouri River
and yet here it is; broiling temps up there in the NORTH!

Sure, the usual hot spots of the summer where one can cook 'the proverbial eggs without a stove" such as Death Valley - Ariz,  or Phoenix ..lol.....
Even at times, in our 'sister city up north a bit', Dallas are competing for the hot spot of the day:
Phoenix at 101 today;
Dallas at 103- the winner IS Dallas.
Now yesterday it was Phoenix with 105,
while Dallas cooked up a measly 101!

However, her in H Town , we "modestly" showed up with just 96 resp. 95 as did San Antonio, and Shreveport, with St Louis ( former home of ours) a close behind.

Now, I have always known St Louis is a perfect sample of so-called  "continental climate" as my old Geography Prof intoned many times during those formative years ! Hot summers, Arctic winters but leavened with lovely springs and colorful falls
and that's all folks for today's post :-)! Happy days y'all!

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