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Friday, August 3, 2012

Storm in a Paper Cup......

Yes, I am referring to the recent uproar.
When Chick Fil A Cathy spoke about his personal beliefs and convictions.
So, IMO, IF my beliefs and thinking is not acceptable to YOU, YOU get on FB and Twitter and other social media, and slam mine. Supported in dreary length by the 'official' news media as an example:

SOOO Righteous, are ya?
 In Twitter Veritas :-)!

Well, I still believe that what I think and feel is mine.
Is it Politically Correct? Maybe not in the fullest sense.
BUT have we arrived at a stage where every word spoken is being trashed, and the speaker being hounded with hatred because it does not agree with YOUR thinking, whoever YOU are.

Maybe all of us need to be brainwashed  in 'righteous' thinking.
Keep a righteous script with us at all times. To babble from in times of need?
Nonconformist thinking, AND especially speaking, has become the new bugbear of this generation, methinks.
Am I ever glad I do not do Twitter anymore. Hatred is just tooo ugly especially in short soundbites!
FB is just about the limit of what I do when it comes to 'social' ( a misnomer that, IMO, asocial - perhaps might be a better one sometimes) media.  

Guess I must gird my loins for hate attacks after what I just posted.
Feel free to respond. I promise to post any comments that are reasonable, or sane.
EVEN, or especially IF, they do not agree with mine.
I try to have an open mind, but balk at pornographic and abusive hate mail!
So there!
Nuf said!
Have a happy day, y'all.

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