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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Murder at the opera

Yes, it is the new book by Pamela Cramer: Murder at the Frankfurt Opera.

Written in a crisply simple way (a bit Hemingway-esque methinks) it's a quick, interesting read. Written with a sense of humor which will make you chuckle.
Sprinkled among the pages are photos of the author in her various operatic roles, alongside some pen and ink drawings by Angela Cramer, the younger daughter.

A pointed lead-in says a lot about what opera can, and will do, by no other than the GM of the Frankfurt Opera.

The reader learn all about what's going on behind the curtain.
How singers sing, or not.
How voices develop, and are classified.
How one gets a job in Germany.
How unions order what and when things happen.
How one eats, sleeps and shops over the big pond.
How costumes and made, conductor conduct and sets work.
It is a veritable "How to book" about opera.
With details, that may surprise event the most fervent opera fan.

How mishaps happen.
And how a seeming mishap turns to murder.
More I shall not disclose-go ahead and read it!

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