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Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Coffin in Egypt

That was a fabulous tour de force by veteran Mezzosoprano Frederika von Stade, For 0ne hour and a half she alone kept the audience spellbound.
Yes, there were 4 others at various times on stage with her, two were actors in speaking roles, two had silent roles. David Matranga and Carolyn Johnson are actors. Cecilia Duarte and Adam Noble were the two silent players.
Plus there was a chorus of 4 gospel singers, who provided vocal accompaniment in quite superb manner. Cheryl D Clansy, a ringing bell-like soprano; Laura Elizabeth Patterson , alto; James M Winslow, tenor and Jawan CM Jenkins, bass.
Von Stade with Cecilia Duarte as silent companion

Ricky Ian Gordon's music played by just a select few (8)of the HGO orchestra under the guidance of Timothy Myers was at times strident, at time very lyrical but each fitted the words and action on stage. Von Stade's voice soared powerfully in youthful spirits, other times she sounded like an old 90 year old woman, which she played, actually. But
whatever the cause, the thoughts, the remembrances she sings/talks about she truly mesmerized by her presence and voice.
Leonard Foglia directed and wrote libretto, based on the play by Horton Foote.  Myrtle Bledsoe (Von Stade) at 90 recalls events in her turbulent life, and a real drama it was. At the end she comes to grip with it and feels free of hatred, and love. 
Set and costumes by Riccardo Hernandez were simple: a porch in Egypt, Texas, a red caftan and shawl for Myrtle.
The mood lighting reflecting spring, summer, fall and so much more designed by Brian Nason.
It being a World Premiere, there are no clips. YET

But Ricky Ian Gordon also composed The Grapes of Wrath

(seen in a production by Moore's school of  Music U of H some time ago).

Sadly, chers readers you will have only ONE more chance to see this on

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