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Monday, March 17, 2014


Lately, it seems that we have become drifters.
Both my Better Half and I are catching ourselves drifting off to nod 5-10 minutes after lunch, maybe late in the afternoon, and most certainly after dinner. And again about 10 PM.

So you think the problem is solved by retiring to bed earlier, sleeping a full 6-8 hours or whatever our so learned doctor researchers recommend?

Bah humbug.
Take: BH he retires at say 10:30 PM, wakes after 2 AM, but then sleeps till 8 or 9 AM. And maybe drifts off after breakfast, too.
And yours truly, I hang on till 12:30 or so - having learned the bitter lesson that going earlier just means tossing and turning for hours.
So, even though at around midnight or a bit after, I start to drift off whilst reading which tells me to march in to retire, as soon as my head hits the pillows (fluffy soft feathered ones) eyes pop open, brain starts churning and, guess what - I still toss and turn. Then I sleep for an hour and a half or maybe 2. Then it's up and marching around to preclude or get rid of cramping legs, drinking some water, back to bed, toss and turn, fall back to sleep; only to repeat this a second and even a third time, before finally getting up to take the one pill 1 hour before taking the others! And , yes, after taking pill #1 I drift off  for the requisite one hour, in my rocking chair.
And that, chers readers, leaves me befogged and bewildered.

It seems going against all that good ? advice by our learned friends, the scientific researchers!


Erika Rummel said...

Hey, call it a power nap. It's better than insomnia, or let's say, less boring than counting sheep.

artandhockey said...

Erika, LOL... must I wear RED?