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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

OUT with the old, IN with the new..

and it is time to reflect - if one wants - on the past year 2013. A year filled with momentous events, deaths of the famous and not so famous, good news and bad, fun times, pain,
and so much more.
As my chers readers know, we spent 2 months in the OLD home country..

Wien, the church spire at right is where I grew up!
sailing to and from.

Followed by THE PIB and 2 sets of injections which - finally - worked.

Some great operatic experiences, some not so great.

Some fun hockey times...

Everblades vs Eagles

Fall pods in Hill country
even if one had to travel to have them!

But, as they say, travel broadens one's mind.

The joys of looking at fall pods interspersed with late blooming flowers.
Pelican grooming
The beauty of birds at rest,
in flight,and while diving for food - that one was too fast for my finger on the button -
thus this
Sunset at Bonita Springs

Sunrise in the Hill country
Sun's Reflection on the Gulf
The changing light over water and land.
Admiring the architecture of the Old countries............
 and the New ....
Bridge over (untroubled) waters
Museum experiences in Florida and Germany

Dali in St. Petersburg

The Ishtar gate in Berlin Museum

And so it went.....
Full of fun and excitement.
But also pain and , finally, relieve!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Dallying at the Dali.

Yes, there is a new Dali Museum in St. Pete's.
It is built to withstand force 5 hurricanes, we've been told.
Sadly, no photos allowed in exhibition halls.

One enters via the gift shop - being tempted to buy!
Just not, perhaps, the Daliesque car?
To then pay a hefty admission fee, even for seniors, and with a $2 off coupon.
Was it worth it?

The closest to the iconic melting watches a bench in the 'garden:

I was rather excited to return to see the "Dalis",
remembering well the just stunning exhibits at the 'old' museum.
And by the big selection of art cards and magnets, there.  ;-).

I am happy I bought most then, because this time I found only 3 cards and 1 magnet I did not already have!
BUT if one wants posters, tee shirts, scarves, ties, mugs..... one will find lots there, now!

The park like grounds also boast a rock from Cadaques donated to the museum, and a sculpture of a dolphin, brightly colored.

Before DALI,
The joy of seeing the White Pelicans and other birds on Sanibel island.. and a grey???
plus alas just a few others.
Missed (our luck) the Roseate Spoonbill, seen by earlier 'birds=visitors' in the day!

'Grooming Parlor'  ;-)
Anhinga-a bit startled
 One Pool with water falls
Home away form home...at sunset-right. Delighted no crowds there, at this time.
And lagoon - left
at early morning on way to eagles' nest whose inhabitants seem to have been out to lunch ;-)
Out to lunch? Or For rent?

Unknown flowering tree
bridge from Tampa to the South
 Sanibel Island- with lighthouse and pelicans 
 Lighthouse in x-mas mode

And so:
Good Bye till next year to Tamiami Trail at night:

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The game we missed 12/7/13

On Saturday the Blades faced the Eagles again, but this time they won.
4 vs 2, both goalies back in net.
Goaling for the Blades: Roy, Boris, Pistilli, Carzo.
For Eagles: Ostrow (2 goals).

Mathieu Roy-Captain
As promised, some photos from Friday's game:
Cann's eyes follow Nr, 45 speeding by

Cann Caught that one

Bruess wins this fight

Cheverie eyes ???


Some fan covers his eyes during the Friday game.....
and a canine fan in a Swampee costume nuzzles his/her owner, when the goal is scored ;-). on Friday

And then there is Joe (not Vladimir) Stejskal, LOL.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Blades versus Eagles

So we saw a fast paced game between the Everblades of Estero and the Colorado Eagles. Since the "Blades" are the ECHL affiliate of not only Tampa Bay, the Carolina Hurricanes (NHL), but also the Charlotte Checkers and the Syracuse Crunch of AHL, several newcomers played this evening.  At the Germain arena in Estero, Florida

And it sorta showed! The speed was not quite there! The passing was not exact! But the energy of this young and short - yes, 8  guys of 5'11, plus 2 at 5.9 do make for a short team ;-) - was all there.

The  Eagles team included several of that height, including the Captain (not Horation) just Riley.

The shortness of highest players did not hamper any of them in scoring: 
Daavettila (6), Ostrow (5'10), Parker and Ulanski (5'11) scored for the Eagles, as did Johnston, while Henrion (also 5'11) scored the sole goal for the Everblades, despite the 34 sogs, of which the Eagles' goalie, Cheverie, at 6'3 larger than Cann, who is 5'11, only allowed that one. Of the 13 games he played he won 10, and only lost 3 in overtime.

Trevor Cann for the Blades only played 3 games thus far and lost 2 (Friday included). Although after letting in  2 goals in 1., he warmed up through 2. and most of the third period, Ulansky's empty netter can not be blamed on him ;-)! 

There was no doubt about the three stars of the game:
 Henrion the number three, Ostrow and Cheverie of the Eagles, numbers two and one, respectively.

It was a quite entertaining game, the Blades peppered Cheverie with 34 shots, while the Eagles managed 21 ...... but with 3 goals against Cann and the one empty netter! Photos to be posted soon.

For the hockey fight lovers, the game had two...IMO..Mychan (Co) vs Buess, and later Parker (Co) vs Dame-Malka......real ones! Several other penalties were called, but only one opportunity was utilized for goals, Johnston for the visitors. 8 penalties for the Eagles (1 goal)' 5 for the Blades (0 goal)

The crowd was respectable and loud, even without the animation by ice girls and Swampee, the mascot.

Near us was the quietest fan: a grizzled muzzle Chihuahua in Swampee disguise, lol.  
But his owner made up for it...and her friends wore green hair, shook bells and screamed "Go Blades". All for naught the team barely went on board with the lonely goal. 

Captain Roy of the Blades, was apparently still in Movember mode, looking striking with dark full beard and sideburns. This is Roy's 6th season with the Blades. 

A player named Joe Stejskal reminded me of an old friend with the same name who, in his salad days played goalie in the, now known as, Czech Republic. Which made me wonder, did anyone of Vladimir's family emigrate to Grand Rapids, Minnesota, long time ago?