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Friday, February 28, 2014

Tempo fugit.....

and flies and flies.
Sochi is past, medals have been collected. 
No medals collected, well there is always something/one to blame. Snow too slushy. Wax too sticky. Suits too (?) aerodynamic? and so on and so forth! 
Memories enhanced by selfies and other camera work.

Meanwhile there are riots in various parts of the world.
Meanwhile the killing goes on...
not on the stock exchange, well, perhaps some is happening there as well....
but ...

Laws are proposed and vetoed, at least in Arizona.
And the list of "what the hell IS going on in this miserable world" is going on and on!

But hark, the RODEO barbecue cook off is on and the air's full of aroma!
And the tickets are selling.

And the prize (hoped for anyway) steers and calves and hens and roosters and goats and sheep and, and, and.....are being groomed and pampered and fed and, well, you all know!

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