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Saturday, November 23, 2013

ONE book a month...

Just read in this morning's WSJ that:

"Finally, there's the Kindle Owners' Lending Library, which is included in an Amazon Prime membership ($79 per year, amazon.com ). The fee includes access to one book per month from a list of some 400,000 titles. The collection is large but includes only about 100 New York Times best-sellers, according to Amazon. Access to this feature requires a Kindle device (the apps for Android and iOS are not compatible). At $6.58 per month, it's not worth signing up for Amazon Prime just for the books alone, but if you're already a member for the unlimited video and free shipping that are included with the subscription, the lending library is a modest perk."

Now , that 79$  is a waste of money to me... for just one book a month!!!
I read, on average, more than one book a week!
Yes, a week!

I love my area libraries.

Multi language library on QM 2
I love having friends who trade books with me.
I love having thrift shops nearby where I can pick up books for a dollar; and even better on 'discount day'.
I love the feel of the book in my hands.
I find the nearest thrift shop, when travelling, to buy ( and 'donate' back) books during the stay.
I need not worry that the battery in the pad/kindle, etc. runs down.
I have no need to shlep chargers.

And I have NO worries that someone will swipe the pad/kindle!!!
Seems books are just very safe items to have (sadly) anymore ;-).

I do have a computer and use it well, and often.
Or else I would not be blogging on stuff such as this and more, right!?

BUT when it comes to reading, I have to have real BOOKS!

Call me an old codger who isn't up to snuff .
I really don't care!
"I LOVE real books!"

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