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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thunder on Stage

It sure felt that way.
Listening to a selection from the Solo Suite for Cello Nr. 3 by Bach, JS that is, I was amazed at the thunderous sounds that burst forth under the nimble fingers of Cellist Pia Eva Greiner.
That a cello could sound that way was an eye opener for this listener, more used to cellos within an orchestral setting.

Actually went in support of Pianist Ana Maria Otamendi, a HGO Studio artist.

Her first solo piece was also by JS Bach, Sinfonia from the Partita Nr. 2 in C minor BWV 1026.  And that too, was beautifully played with feeling.

The Rachmaninoff pieces, Vocalise, Op 34 Nr. 14 for piano and cello, and later on the impressive Sonata Op 19 in G Minor, where the sounds of the well played piano blended beautifully with those of the suave sounds of  cello, although each had their own little solo pieces as well.
T'was exciting music to the ears, for sure :-)!

A most successful evening followed by small reception, hosted by the Buddies of HGO Studio artists.

Which, with strange foreboding, I left early, made it to my car parked, seemingly at the end of the earth on the U of H parking lot, while blue lightening lit up the sky, and sonorous thunder rolled above, to step into the car literally a second before the deluge.
Image Detail
Driving through the lashings of rain with which the wipers could hardly keep up, following a zig zag route (of course there was construction narrowing lanes), almost glued to the taillights of the invisible cars in front was stressful. Crossing over the bridge in preparation to take the ramp onto 288 and then later 610, I peeked down and saw, what looked like an unmoving endless chain of headlamps, in both directions.
No, not that way, no way Jose!

I kept inching westward on Elgin to Westheimer, only having to ford two spots when BOTH lanes seemed a pond, a bit west of Kirby, and onwards to Chimney Rock. Turning south, between Westheimer and a bit past Richmond, the street seemed a lake, with no idea where the curbs were, the lots in front of stores started, or  side streets began. 
Where, even worse that thisImage Detail, a big truck barreled out from the Woodrow parking lot and forced its way between the cars onto the flooded street, throwing water every which way. Wouldn't you just know it! Damn idiot! Trying to drown smaller cars, methinks!

I stopped even the creeping inch by inch though high water, while HE or HER in that truck threw up sheets of water over all the cars in front, literally covering them. And some where not even such little ones like my Nissan.
Ah, do we, really, have to accept these carelessly, unthinking idiots on the road?

But I did make safely to a snug home, to watch the tail end of Charlie Rose's Series on the Mind.
Which was so engrossing, I forgot the stress aches from the clasping, and hunching over, the wheel, while trying to get home through that driving storm past barrelling trucks driving by idiots.

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